Il Giuggiolo
Il Giuggiolo

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The Giuggiolo is located in the small village of Isola di Fano near Fossombrone. From the name one could think of an island in the middle of the sea but actually it is located at a height of 160 metres above sea level. the origin of Isola di Fano are middle aged, even if in this area there were Neolithic and Pre-roman settlers. Among the objects found here there are several statuettes and a bronze of Vertunno that is now kept in the Etruscan Museum in Florence.

In the Middle Ages the "Burgum Insulae" was very important, the fortified place of the valley since it was naturally protected by the streams Trugo and Rio. Already feud of the Counts Gualtieri of Fano, it passed then under the control of this last town taking the name it has nowadays. the country, until then concentrated on agriculture and handcraft, at the beginning of the XXI century started founding some ofits economy also on small industrial activities.

Among the most important monuments: the Chiesa Parrocchiare with steeple of the XIV century, the church of Madonna del Rosario or del Bottaccio, the Torre Civica whose building started in 1761 and palazzo del Capitano, located behind the tower, reconstucted and enlarged at the same period.

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