Il Giuggiolo
Il Giuggiolo


Historical centres

Fossombrone - ancient roman town "Forum Sempronii" situated in the Metauro valley along the Flaminia. Rich in churches, monuments and home-town of the painter Anselmo Bucci. Noteworthy is the Parco Archeologico and the Quadreria Casarini, further information on . the town is about 25 km from Fano and only 12km from the Gola del Furlo, a unique place both from the historical point of view and its botanical, faunistic and geological features. At S. Lazzaro of Fossombrone it is possible to admire the beautiful sight of the "Marmite dei Giganti", a result of the fluvial erosion in the course of ages.


Urbino - town of very ancient origins that reached tha apex of its artistic splendour with Federico II da Montefeltro, prince of the XV century. Famous for its Palazzo Ducale, masterpiece of the Renaissance and nowadays seat of the important Galleria. Every year, in August, the Festa del Duca is celebrated.


Pergola - small art town with an historical centre rich of architectural, religious and medieval testimonies. the main churches are the Cathedal and San Francesco; a visit to the "Museo dei Bronzi Dorati" is recommended.


Bathing centres

Fano - it offers two different beaches; in the north "il lido" with sand at the outfall of the stream Arzilla. in the south "la Sassonia" a long and gravelly beach that reaches the outfall of Metauro. The little town is rich in monuments such as Arco di Augusto and Tempio della Fortuna.


Senigallia - it is famous for its 14 km long "velvet beach" and the "Rotonda a mare", a splendid construction that rises in the middle of the sea. The coastline of senigallia has obtained the prestigious blue-flag, an European recognition of environmental awareness and sustainability. Under the controlof the Malatesta and the Della Rovere families the town has grown significantly; some of the buildings of its glorious history are the Rocca Roveresca, the Palazzo del Duca and the Portici Ercolani.


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